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Aerospace Industry


In 2005, when original equipment manufacturers (OEM), as well as top-tier aircraft parts suppliers set up shop in Mexico, we were the first recruiters in to manage the biggest RPO Recruiting project to place over 200 people for Honeywell Aerospace in Mexicali, Monterrey, Chihuahua and SLP.

Since then, we have continue developing a strong expertise in helping companies in the aerospace industry to successfully start-up their plants, to renovate their organizational structure or to get to the next level by placing key players within their Mexico Operations.

We know that companies are struggling to find the right talent for their specific needs and expectations, that is why it is our mission to continue helping these companies and their associates to succeed in Mexico and to generate the proper return of investment.

Mexico has become one of the world’s largest manufacturers of aircraft parts, and in the last four years it became the top country for foreign investments in this industry. But this does not pertain only to manufacturing, as the objective is to position Mexico as one of the world’s top countries in aerospace research and engineering as well.

Mexico’s aerospace industry is made up of companies that manufacture, maintain/repair/overhaul (MRO), engineer, design, and perform other services (e.g. airlines, specialized testing laboratories, training centers), among other things, for military and commercial aircraft.


We Serve All Levels:

C-Suite, VP’s, Directors, Managers and Key Technical Individual Contributors


We serve companies from all over the world:

US, Mexico, France, Germany, Italy, Sweden, Norway, Spain, England, Switzerland, Denmark, Finland, Korea, Japan and China


We have deep vertical experience in the following industry sectors:

The aerospace industry depends on an assembly line to create a vehicle (whether for ground or air transport), and many of the pieces used to assemble these vehicles are oversized or very heavy.

Of the aerospace companies that have initiated operations in Mexico since 2005, 85% are engaged in manufacturing.

Items produced in the country include propellers, rotors, landing gear, rotating blades, parts for helicopters, and spare parts for both aircraft and helicopters.

The remaining 15% of companies in the aerospace industry in Mexico are involved in maintenance and repair operations (MRO) activities.

Our global expertise with Sanford Rose combined with our indisputable reputation as a “best in class” provider of search and leadership services in Mexico gives us unparalleled access to the best and brightest automotive top notch talent


We recruit people in all of the following regions in Mexico:

The aerospace industry in Mexico is grouped in several prominent clusters:

Baja California del Norte. (80 aerospace-related businesses).

North-central state of Chihuahua. (Forty-five plants in operation) Chihuahua is home to twenty-five percent of the aerospace industry in Mexico, while it generates thirty-five percent of the employment in the sector.

The Mexican city and state of Queretaro is home to another large grouping of aerospace companies. Today Queretaro is home to approximately 40 companies in the aerospace industry in Mexico.

The state of Sonora, (249 businesses).


Examples of clients in Mexico: Honeywell, Placas Termodinamicas, Hutchinson Seal