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If you are actively seeking a new job, or you are discretely exploring options or you are not actively in the job market, but you don’t close your ears and/or eyes for potentially good career opportunities, we can help you.

Frequently, all qualified professionals when they are in satisfactory situations, they tend to be open to review career opportunities only if they are exceptionally good and they are brought to their attention for serious consideration.

In any case, nowadays, if people want to really leverage their career to its maximum, they will probably need to make several timely job changes over the course of their working life. In order to do that most effectively, they are going to need to give careful thought to their professional goals and what they must do in order to achieve them.

Candidates and their families, if appropriate, need to define their desired career goals and quality of life. If we are aware of your qualifications, goals and values, we can approach you with those opportunities that are consistent with your objectives.

In this era of true job uncertainty, anyone can lose a good job with little notice. Therefore, it’s a good idea to establish an early relationship with Sanford Rose Associates. If you should unexpectedly lose your job, we’ll be ahead of the game by already knowing the kinds of opportunities that will be attractive to you.


Job Descriptions

Logistics Manager - Silao


Engineering Manager - Silao


Quality Manager - Silao


Production Manager - Silao


Fulfillment Manager - Buffalo


VP of Operations and Fulfillment Manager - Buffalo


Chief Operating Officer - San Diego


Chief Commercial Officer - San Diego


VP Operations - Juarez - El Paso


VP Operations - Queretaro


Multisite Controller - Reynosa


Director of Operations - Tijuana


Director of Operations - Guadalajara


Director of Manufacturing - Mexicali


Director of Engineering - Tijuana


Director of Quality - Nogales


Director of HR - Mexicali


Director of HR - Tijuana


Director of HR - Mexico City


General Manager - San Diego


Plant Manager - Tijuana


Plant Manager - Leon


Plant Manager - Reynosa


Plant Manager - Guadalajara


Business Development Manager - San Diego


Sr. Account Manager - El Paso


Sr. Account Manager - Mexico City


Quality Manager - Hermosillo


SMT Manager - Guadalajara


Die Casting Manager - Monterrey


Engineering Manager - Tecate


Stamping Manager - Saltillo


Machining Manager - Silao


Welding Manager - Monterrey



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